Vigor300B v1.4.1 Release

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Vigor300B v1.4.1 Release

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NO: AP1101-2 V.1
Release Note for Vigor300B
Firmware Version:
Release Type:
Applied Models:
Vigor300B, a firewall broadband router with
the multi-WAN interface,
can connect to
xDSL/cable/VDSL2/Ethernet FTTx. The multi-WAN and LAN switch facilitates unified
communication applications in business CO/remote si
te to handle large data from the subscribed
fatter pipe. The state-of-art routing feature
and multi-WAN provide integrated benefits for
professional users and small offices.
New Features

Support VigorSwitch P2280/G2280 to be mana
ged under Central Management>>Switch.

Corrected: Unable to restore backup
configuration file taken by VigorACS.

Corrected: SNMP service stopped working for
a period of time and recovered again.

Corrected: Unable to manage VigorAP920R, AP910C and AP902 by central AP

Corrected: After downgrading to v1.3.3.2,
Vigor router would upgrade to v1.4.0

Corrected: Web content filter (WCF) for youth
protection driven by BPjM did not work.

Corrected: Failed to route LAN p
ackets through DHCP relay over WAN.

Corrected: WAN Bridge VLAN did not work.

Corrected: Syslog showed 'Apply failed' if por
t redirection included more than one port

Corrected: The web content filter for
Youth Protection (BPj
M) did not work.

Corrected: A pop-up message of “File System
Verify failed” appeared when logging web
user interface.

Corrected: Unable to route WAN DHCP conn
ection when the given subnet mask was 32.

Corrected: Unable to start AP management. An
error message of “ap
md crash, do restart!”
appeared on System Maintenance>
>Syslog/Mail Alert>>Syslog File.

Corrected: Data Flow Monitor might
cause Vigor router reboot randomly.

Corrected: USB Thermometer was not de
tected in some configurations.
- 2 -
Known Issue

RD NO: 107_09_12
ps:急件請直接電洽 04-2260-5121 / 0963-685-121
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