Vigor2952 v3.8.9 Release Note

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Vigor2952 v3.8.9 Release Note

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NO:AP1101-2 V.1
Release Note for Vigor2952 Series
Firmware Version:
Release Type:
Applied Models:
Vigor2952, Vigor2952P,
Vigor2952n, Vigor2952Pn
Vigor2952 is a broadband router with dual-WAN inte
rface. It provides policy-based load-balance,
fail-over and BoD (Bandwidth on Demand), also it in
tegrates IP layer QoS, NAT session/bandwidth
management to help users contro
l works well with large bandwidth.
New Features

Support VigorACS 2 (firmware version:2.3.0).

Add AP-assisted Client Roaming set
tings on Central Management>>AP>>WLAN

Add an Advanced button to offer more direct
ion options in firewall rule (Firewall>>Edit
Filter Set>>Edit Filter Set).

Add dashboard control page in System
Maintenance>>Dashboard Control.

Add RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) mechanism into Vigor router.

Support DrayOS IKEv1 IPSec XAuth for the security of network connection.

Support SMS One Time Password (OTP) for
VPN / Remote Management (2FA, two
factor authentication).

Improved: Add more 802.1X met
hods for Internal RADIUS
(Applications>>RADIUS/TACACS+) & Lo
cal 802.1X (Applica
tions>>Local 802.1X
General Setup).

Improved: Modify the firmware upgrade head
er information display after clicking the
Upgrade button in System Maintenance>>Firmware Upgrade.

Improved: Modify the notes in LAN>>Wir
ed 802.1X and Applications>>Local 802.1X
General Setup.

Improved: Support SSL/TLS authenticati
on for Local 802.1X (Applications>>Local
802.1X General Setup).

Improved: Add backup/restore buttons to
VPN and Remote Access>>Remote Dial-in

Improved: Support “Use Cycle in hours” for Custom setting in WAN>>WAN budget.

Improved: Extend the certificate
size of Vigor router (for
the Certificate Chain Issue).
- 2 -

Improved: Increase X.509 Certificate import size.

Improved: Change the default setti
ng for DMZ port IP
address as
(LAN>>General Setup).

Improved: Import X.509 certificate via SSH (mngt cert_import cmd).

Improved: Improve the web user interf
ace of VPN status (VPN and Remote
Access>>Connection Management).

Improved: Support multi-gateway in LAN subnet.

Improved: Allow conditional Bind IP to MAC based upon network entry point.

Improved: Support Channel Width selecti
ons on Central Management >>AP >> WLAN

Improved: Support WAN DHCP option
121 for adding new static route.

Improved: Change default settings of WAN MTU, Time and Date for country code, PL.

Improved: Support Diffie-Hellman group 19
as Proposal setting on VPN and Remote
Access>>VPN Profiles.

Corrected: FlowControl for WAN1 was alwa
ys OFF while using the telnet command
“port status”.

Corrected: Unable to display a router
icon in Central Management>>VPN>>CPE
Management>>Managed Devices List.

Corrected: Unable to display DDNS Log by clicking View Log in
Applications>>Dynamic DNS Setup.

Remove the unnecessary note "We only support LAN1 for PPPoE Pass-through" in
WAN>>Internet Access>> WAN2 >> PPPoE.

Corrected: Typo in VPN and Remote Access>>IPsec General Setup page.

Corrected: Overnight schedul
e profile did not work.

Corrected: The firewall default rule block w
ould block the DNS response if LAN client
used Vigor as the DNS server.

Corrected: Port redirection configured via te
lnet took no effect until disabling and then
enabling it.

Corrected: NAT Port Redirection rule with TC
P protocol could not
be enabled (yet, UDP
protocol could).

Corrected: UBDDNS didn't work.

Corrected: Abnormal page display (i
nformation missing) on the dashboard.

Corrected: WAN VLAN Tag 7 was wrongly set in default for Vigor router.

Corrected: When connecting two WAN ports
to one switch and reboot by web user
interface, Vigor router would hang up.

Corrected: The character “ used for Pre-
Shared Key(PSK) on Wireless LAN>>Security
would cause abnormal page display.

Corrected: Vigor router sent strange DNS que
ry when Syslog / Mail Alert was enabled.

Corrected: Session limit blocked dial-in VPN users.


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