VigorAP900 v1.2.3 Release Note

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VigorAP900 v1.2.3 Release Note

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Release Note for VigorAP 900
Firmware Version:
Release Type:
Applied Models:
VigorAP 900
VigorAP 900, the concurrent dual band wireless
(2.4G/5G) access point, offers high-speed data
transmission. With this high cost-efficiency Vi
gorAP 900, computers and wireless devices which
are compatible with 802.11n/802.11a can connect to
existing wired Ethernet network via this
VigorAP 900, at the speed of 300Mbps. Easy instal
l procedure allows users to setup a network
environment in very short time - within minutes,
even inexperienced users. Also, VigorAP900 is a
Power over Ethernet Powered De
vice which adopts the technology of PoE for offering power
supply and transmitting data through the Ethernet cable.
New Features

Support VigorACS up to V2.2.0.

Support Channel Width options on Centra
l Management >>AP >> WLAN Profile.

Support TLS v1.2.

Vendor Samsung and OPPO can be recogni
zed and displayed on Mobile Device

The total number of Active Channel can
be displayed on Wireless LAN (2.4GHz) >>
General Setup when Auto is
selected as Channel option.

Support the function of isolating WLAN members with IP.

Improved: A wireless vulnerability, known
as 'KRACK' was discovered in October 2017.
This affected wireless clients, including phone
s, tablets, laptops a
nd also any wireless
base acting as a client.
For full details, see
. The recommended action in all cases
is to upgrade your client devices as that is wh
ere the vulnerability lies
however if that is
impossible because the product is too old or
the vendor does not provide updates, it is
possible to mitigate KRACK exploitation by
disabling EAPOL-Key retries on the base
station and reduce the possibility of KR
ACK being used. For more details, see
. That can be done from "Wireless LAN >>
Security Settings" on the access point. Upgrad
ing your client is st
ill the preferable
- 2 -

Improved: Add TR-069 parameters related
to Mobile Device Management, including
Detection, Policies, and Statistics.

Improved: Add TR-069 parameter for AuthKey which can be shown on DEVICE
eter Tree in VigorACS server.

Improved: Rename Channel Width with “Channel Bandwidth” on Wireless
LAN>>Advanced Setting.

Improved: Add TR-069 parameters (e.g., Wi-Fi Hardware Button Setup, LED Setup)
related to System Maintenance >> TR-069 Settings.

Corrected: Modify parameters to make Vigor
AP be shown as sub-device behind Vigor
router via VigorACS Network View.

Corrected: When the number of Wireless L
AN MAC address of client reached “256”
entries (maximum limit) on Wireless LAN (2.4G
)>>Access Control, a new entry could be
added still by clicking the Add button.

Corrected: When the number of Wireless L
AN MAC address of client reached “256”
entries (maximum limit) on Wireless LAN (
2.4G)>>Access Control, no entry could be
removed/deleted via VigorACS server.

Corrected: Wireless clients could not pi
ng to each other with same SSID.

Corrected: New schedule profile could be
added via VigorACS server which managed
VigorAP. However, the new added one could
not be seen on Applications>>Schedule.

Corrected: Airplay did not work over Wire
less LAN 5G, Universal Repeater mode.

Corrected: Unnecessary space appeared on pa
rameter values of TotalSendByte and
TotalReceiveByte (for wireless client).

Corrected: The USB temperature sensor “R
Ding TEMPer2V1.3” did not work properly
on VigorAP.

Corrected: Minimum RSSI Roaming didn't work.

Corrected: Parameter values for WLAN Roam
ing could not be r
ead and displayed
normally through VigorACS.

Corrected: Parameter values for wireless_5G.
TX bytes and Wireless_5G. RX bytes could
not be read and displayed normally through VigorACS.

Corrected: Correct time could not be shown
on Applications>>Temperature Sensor Graph
once NTP was configured as Browser Time.

Corrected: VigorAP did not respond correct va
lue of system reboot to VigorACS server
after certain parameter related to Vi
gorAP was changed via VigorACS server.

Corrected: The total number of MAC Address Filter set on Wireless LAN
(2.4G)>>Access Control could be reached 256 (s
ets). However, it could not be displayed
on VigorACS normally and correctly.

Improved: Add TR-069 parameters rela
ted to System Maintenance >> SNMP.

Corrected: When AutoSelect was selected as channel setting for Wireless LAN
(2.4GHz)>>General Setup, “Segmentation
fault” would be shown on command of
“tr069_client -t get InternetGatewayD
- 3 -

Corrected: Wireless LAN (5GHz)>>Station List
could not display correct number of
wireless clients connected (with related information).

Corrected: Add TR-069 parameters (e.g., En
able DHCP Client, Secondary DNS Server,
Enable Management VLAN, Default Gateway
and etc.) related to
LAN>>General Setup.
Known Issue


RD NO: 107_01_10


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