Vigor2925 v3.8.5 Release Note

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Vigor2925 v3.8.5 Release Note

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NO:AP1101-2 V.1
Release Note for Vigor2925 Series
Firmware Version: 3.8.5
Release Type: Normal
Applied Models: Vigor2925 Series
Vigor2925 series is a broadband router which integrates IP layer QoS, NAT session/bandwidth
management to help users control works well with large bandwidth. The state-of-art routing feature,
VPN security, and Dual-WAN provide integrated benefits for professional users and small offices.
New Features
Support IKEv2 for IPsec tunnel in LAN to LAN.
Add ALG for NAT (NAT>>ALG).
Add Roaming function for wireless 2.4G & 5G.
Support large LAN subnet ( /22).
Add RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) mechanism into Vigor router.
Integrate Hotspot Web Portal authentication mechanism with web page.
Support multi-gateway in LAN subnet.
Add BGP Routing.
Support to forward packets from WAN to remote VPN network.
Support 2nd ping IP for WAN connection detection
Corrected: WPA2 KRACK vulnerability issue which affected Wireless WAN mode only.
This issue affects all wireless clients so you should check your laptops, phones and all
other wireless clients to see if they need updated software/firmware. Search for "WPA2
KRACK" with your vendor. See ... ffectedby-
Improved: VigorP1280i can be managed by Switch Management.
Improved: Default protocol for NAT>>Open Ports and NAT>>Port Redirection has been
changed into TCP/UDP.
Improved: Add Black/White List function onto DNS Filter Local Setting.
Improved: Add a function to backup the configuration onto USB disk automatically at
regular intervals (e.g., monthly).
Corrected: QoS didn’t work when bandwidth limit was enabled.
- 2 -
Improved: Support reset data quota monthly in user management.
Improved: X.509 certificate can be imported via SSH connection.
Corrected: DNS filter behavior was incorrect.
Corrected: PPTP VPN displayed RADIUS/ LDAP authentication logs while RADIUS /
LDAP was not used.
Corrected: WAN ARP table configured manually would be cleared after 3 minutes.
Corrected: External device online link supported HTTP 80 only.
Corrected: Performance of L2TP over IPsec was poor if DoS defense was enabled.
Corrected: DHCP offer packet was recognized as DoS trace route.
Corrected: VoIP dropout or VoIP calls failed to initiate when using Broadsoft Cloud PBX
services - FBS-909-90843.
Corrected: RTP SSRC value calculation issue (RFC3550).
Hung up bleep sound occurred during ringing on some phone
Corrected: Hardware Acceleration would be disabled automatically if WAN budget was
Corrected: Path MTU Discovery always started with same ICMP packet size (no matter
what WAN MTU was.)
Corrected: IGMP did not work while using WAN2 interface (IPTV freeze after 20
Corrected: Hardware Acceleration did not work with customer's configuration.
Corrected: Vigor router stopped sending Syslog into USB disk.
Corrected: After establishing VPN on the same subnet, the peer end could not access into
the server on local end for the subnet of the server was changed.
Corrected: IPsec traffic stopped passing to VPN server at routing subnet.
Corrected: Bandwidth limit didn't work while Hardware Acceleration is enabled.
Corrected: WAN connection detection failed by Ping (Echo request ID was always
Corrected: Reports, Monitoring and Alerts.
Corrected: NAT loopback did not work when DMZ was enabled.
Corrected: SSL VPN disconnected frequently when VPN client connected to Internet with
Mobile phone.
Corrected: VogorACS could not get Vigor2925 NAT_DMZ Host details :
Corrected: NTP time updated delayed with customer’s xxx.cfg.
Corrected: Delay in sending DDOS Mail Alerts.
Corrected: DoS defense stopped displaying line statistics in Online Status section.
Corrected: IGMP did not work when using WAN2 interface (IPTV freeze after 20
Corrected: IPv6 Object IP address set interface error.
Corrected: Diagnose for Load-Balance/Route Policy Diagnose was incorrect for LAN
- 3 -
Corrected: Diagnose (Load-Balance/Route Policy) would indicate incorrect rule when
Domain Name was defined.
Corrected: VPN LAN2 traffic hit remote LAN1 first before reaching remote LAN2.
Corrected: Open Ports did not work with WAN IP alias.
Corrected: Vigor router reboot due to some problem.
Corrected: The description for High Availability (HA) Config Sync was contrary.
Corrected: Failed to block the telnet with APPE.
Corrected: HTTPS web could be accessed via the user with admin privilege even though
the access list had configured.
Corrected: Duration time for VoIP calls would not be record, while making “call transfer”
via FXS1/2.
Corrected: Unable to access remote Web server via same subnet IPsec tunnel.
Corrected: Fixed the issue of forwarding packets from WAN to Remote VPN Network.
Corrected: Data transfer was unstable from dial-out side under Weighted Round Robin
mode for VPN Trunk.
Known Issue
The WAN port can not work well with Alcatel I-040G device. The quick solution is to
add another switch between Vigor2925 and Alcatel I-040G.
RD NO: 106_10_30


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