Vigor3220 Series v3.8.4.1 Release

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Vigor3220 Series v3.8.4.1 Release

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- 1 -
NO:AP1101-2 V.1
Release Note for Vigor3220 Series
Firmware Version:
Release Type: Normal
Applied Models: Vigor3220/Vigor3220n
Vigor3220 Series, a broadband router, integrates IP layer QoS, NAT session/bandwidth
management to help users control works well with large bandwidth.
By adopting hardware-based VPN platform and hardware encryption of AES/DES/3DES, the router
increases the performance of VPN greatly, and offers several protocols (such as IPSec/PPTP/L2TP)
with up to 100 VPN tunnels (including 50 SSL VPN tunnels).
New Features
Support VigorACS 2.0.
Improved: Enhance the stability of SSH Server.
Improved: Enhance the stability of switch management.
Improved: Firewall supports PPTP ALG session.
Improved: Text adjustment for LAN >> VLAN page.
Improved: Modify the wording on Applications>>IGMP.
Improved: Modify the wording on Firewall>>General Setup.
Improved: Add a note that only USB 2 can be used for USB 3G/4G modem on
WAN>>Internet Access.
Improved: Add the option of Force router to use DNS server IP address on LAN >>
General Setup webpage.
Improved: Set Inter-LAN routing between DMZ and LAN1 when DMZ is enabled.
Improved: Enhance the stability when domain name is set on System Maintenance >>
SysLog / Mail Alert Setup >> Server IP Address.
Corrected: The password configured for setting backup in System
Maintenance>>Configuration Backup was not encrypted.
Corrected: Enhanced the stability when DoS ICMP flood defense was enabled.
Corrected: Improvement for IPsec throughput.
Corrected: CSM blocked as "Uncategorized" due to wrong classification
made by WCF.
Corrected: Hardware Acceleration did not work when the firewall function was disabled.
- 2 -
Corrected: SNMP responding on the WAN when Internet management turned on and IP
was not a Manager Host IP in SNMP page.
Corrected: NAT loopback did not work in LAN routing.
Corrected: The start date for a new Root CA certificate was not the date that the certificate
created but late for one day.
Corrected: Unable to build network connection via WAN interface after enabling Session
Corrected: NAT >> Open Ports did not work with WAN IP alias.
Corrected: Bandwidth Limit did not work properly.
Known Issue
RD NO: 106_02_23


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