Vigor2912 v3.8.4 Release

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Vigor2912 v3.8.4 Release

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NO:AP1101-2 V.1
Release Note for Vigor2912 Series
Firmware Version: 3.8.4
Release Type: Normal
Release Date: March 1, 2017
Applied Models: Vigor2912/Vigor2912n/Vigor2912F/Vigor2912Fn
Vigor2912 series is a broadband router which integrates IP layer QoS, NAT session/bandwidth
management to help users control works well with large bandwidth.
New Features
Support IPv6 RIPng (WAN >> Internet Access >> IPv6).
Support firewall configuration backup and restore. (Firewall >> General Setup).
Support unique 'Self-Signed' certificate & private key for HTTPS (System Maintenance
>> Self-Signed Certificate).
Support WAN failover by Traffic Threshold. (WAN >>General Setup).
Support separated schedule for each SSID.
Support brute force protection for router login (System Maintenance >> Management).
Support detailed information for modem support list (USB Application >> Modem
Support List).
Support multi-language Wireless SSID.
Support LAN to LAN SSL VPN.
Support LAN Access Control (System Maintenance >> Management).
Support String Object.
Improved: Add WAN IP Alias option of the NTP client. (System Maintenance >> Time
and Date).
Improved: Add Option to Disable TLS 1.0 (System Maintenance >> Management).
Improved: Support wireless country code configuration (Wireless LAN >> Advanced
Improved: Support VPN SHA2 algorithm.
Improved: Add MS-CHAPv2 Only option for Dial-In PPP Authentication.
Improved: Improved VPN performance for iOS.
Improved: Add WAN IP Alias option in Ping through of Diagnostics >>Ping Diagnostics
web user interface.
- 2 -
Improved: Add Comment option in Wireless LAN (2.4G & 5G)>>Access Control List
web user interface.
Improved: Add CLI commands to configure IPsec Phase2 Proposal.
Improved: Modify the filename format for the configuration backup.
Improved: Certificates generated / signed in Certificate Management can be used by
Improved: TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA cipher can be disabled.
Improved: Support 3G dongle D-Link DWM-156 (hardware version A7) in DHCP mode.
Improved: Improve the file name of the configuration backup file which is created by the
icon on top menu bar.
Corrected: WPS did not work with WAN2 wireless 2.4GHz mode.
Corrected: WAN2 in wireless mode could not connect to iPhone hotspot.
Corrected: IP address could be set the same as Gateway IP address on WAN interface.
Corrected: Could not read data from USB disk connected to Vigor router.
Corrected: Login failed when the password length of Administrator Local User was over
15 characters.
Corrected: DMZ Host could not be set by VigorACS.
Corrected: Firewall General Setup could not be set by VigorACS.
Corrected: System Maintenance could not be set by VigorACS.
Corrected: Port1 of Port Status on VigorACS was still displayed when WAN2 was
Corrected: NAT Loopback could not work when LAN was in Routing mode.
Corrected: Customize default configuration could not be set by MPUU.
Corrected: IE browser could not connect to FTP server if both WAN1 and WAN2 were
Corrected: Bandwidth Limit could not work when LAN was in Routing mode.
Corrected: Failed to save MTU 1500 in WAN3/LTE web user interface.
Corrected: Packet was dropped incorrectly in Load-Balance/Route Policy >> Diagnose
web user interface.
Known Issue


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