VigorAP900 v1.2.1 Release Note

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VigorAP900 v1.2.1 Release Note

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Release Note for VigorAP 900
Firmware Version: 1.2.1
Release Type: Normal
Applied Models: VigorAP 900
VigorAP 900, the concurrent dual band wireless (2.4G/5G) access point, offers high-speed data
transmission. With this high cost-efficiency VigorAP 900, computers and wireless devices which
are compatible with 802.11n/802.11a can connect to existing wired Ethernet network via this
VigorAP 900, at the speed of 300Mbps. Easy install procedure allows users to setup a network
environment in very short time - within minutes, even inexperienced users. Also, VigorAP900 is a
Power over Ethernet Powered Device which adopts the technology of PoE for offering power
supply and transmitting data through the Ethernet cable.
New Features
Add TR-069 parameters for functions of Wireless LAN (2.4GHz)>>WMM Configuration
and Bandwidth Management, Applications>> Temperature Sensor Graph,
Applications>>Schedule, LAN>>Port Control, Applications >> Apple iOS Keep Alive,
and AP Applications >> Auto Switch On/Off Wi-Fi, Wireless LAN>>Airtime Fairness,
Wireless LAN>>Band Steering, LAN>>Port Control, Wireless LAN>>Advanced Setting,
Wireless LAN>>Station Control,
Device name of VigorAP can be displayed on the tab of browser.
Support special characters (e.g., @#$%^&*) on SSID.
Improved: Simplify and optimize the web user interface of Quick Start Wizard.
Improved: Add TR-069 parameters for some settings (e.g., Telnet Server) in System
Maintenance>>Management and System Maintenance >>Time and Date.
Improved: Support overnight schedule in single profile. (Applications>>Schedule).
Improved: Re-arrange the hints and omit some of the parentheses '( )' on the UI.
Improved: Add a function of “Enable VigorAP AutoProvision for these settings” in
Wireless LAN>>Roaming to store the configuration and to be managed by Vigor router
through AP management.
Improved: Change the mechanism and the layout for the System
Maintenance>>Configuration Backup page.
Corrected: Apple mobile phone / tablet / Macintosh could not connect to VigorAP via
- 2 -
wireless LAN 5GHz.
Corrected: IPv6 Multicast packets cross SSIDs.
Corrected: The channel displayed on Quick Start Wizard>>Universal Repeater
Parameters for specified SSID could not change according to the channel settings scanned
through Access Point Discovery.
Corrected: When WLAN 2.4G mode was configured as AP Bridge-Point to Point or AP
Bridge-Point to Multi-Point, WLAN 5G mode was configured as AP Bridge-WDS,
LAN-B setting was not available for choosing in LAN>>General Setup.
Corrected: Speed Test (Diagnostics) caused reboot of VigorAP.
Corrected: Unable to set TX power for 5GHz using Central Management>>AP>>WLAN
Corrected: Data Flow Monitor worked slowly.
Corrected: Could not enable AP Monitor Mode in AP Discovery page.
Corrected: Syslog setting, configured by VigorACS, could not write onto VigorAP.
Corrected: The number setting of WLAN 5G limit client could be saved even if the
setting was out of the range.
Corrected: Modified Typo in Central AP Management>>General Setup.
Corrected: VigorAP could not get the time settings changed from VigorACS.
Improved: Add TR-069 parameter for CPE LED.
Corrected: The word “Encrypt” which displayed in Wireless LAN (2.4GHz)>> Station
List used different font from others.
Corrected: The first entry of data could not be removed in Wireless LAN>>Access
Control>>MAC Address Filter List.
Improved: The length of the Device Name configured in System
Maintenance>>Management is allowed to be set within 31 characters.
Corrected: Unable to receive the channel width setting configured by VigorACS.
Corrected: Modified the typo in Diagnostics>>Station Traffic Graphic,
Diagnostics>>Station Airtime, and Diagnostics>> Interference Monitor.
Corrected: Modified the word “MHZ” into “MHz” for the parameter of
“WirelessLAN_5G_AP.General.ChannelWidth” sent to VigorACS.
Improved: Support WDS link for wireless LAN 5GHz.
Corrected: Changed the URL link for Support Area>>FAQ/Application Note.
Corrected: Couldn't apply WLAN profile to VigorAP by AP Management.
Improved: VigorAP, even changing the LAN port connection, can get the same IP from
DHCP server of Vigor router.
Corrected: VigorAP would reset automatically and reset to factory default settings due to
configuration error.
- 3 -
Known Issue
RD NO: 106_07_24


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