Vigor2925 新版韌體

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Vigor2925 新版韌體

文章Tempra » 週四 6月 1日, 2017年 9:00 pm

 Corrected: SNMP responding on the WAN when Internet management turned on and IP
was not a Manager Host IP in SNMP page.
 Corrected: Vigor router would reboot due to code crash while performing configuration
backup via Central Management>>Switch>Maintenance.
 Corrected: Router reboot during SMB traffic via PPTP/L2TP (related to APP QoS).
 Corrected: Create Root CA certificate start date was 1 day after time of creation.

Known Issue
 The WAN port can not work well with Alcatel I-040G device. The quick solution is to
add another switch between Vigor2925 and Alcatel I-040G.

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