VigorAP810 v1.2.0 Release Note

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VigorAP810 v1.2.0 Release Note

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- 1 -
Release Note for VigorAP 810
Firmware Version: 1.2.0
Release Type: Normal
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Applied Models: VigorAP 810
With this high cost-efficiency VigorAP 810, computers and wireless devices which are compatible
with 802.11n can connect to existing wired Ethernet network via this VigorAP 810, at the speed of
300Mbps. Easy install procedures allows users to setup a network environment in very short time -
within minutes, even inexperienced users. Just follow the instructions given in this user manual, you
can complete the setup procedure and release the power of this access point all by yourself!
New Features
Add Wi-Fi interference monitor mechanism (Diagnostics>>Interference Monitor) for
all wireless channels.
Add Channel option for Universal Repeater mode while configuration through Quick
Start Wizard.
Support Diagnostics>>Station Airtime, Diagnostics>>Station Traffic Graph, and
Diagnostics>>Station Link Speed.
Support Data Flow Monitor.
The option for Limit Client Number can be configured for each SSID.
Support USB thermometer.
Improved: Improve AP discovery.
Improved: Simplify Quick Start Wizard for network connection.
Improved: Offer a warning message to ask the user changing default admin password.
Improved: The policy for Mobile Device Management.
Improved: Wireless channel with the least interference can be seen and recommended by
clicking Channel Interference link on Wireless LAN>> Access Point Discovery. The
link of Channel interference will open the web page of Diagnostics >> Interference
Improved: AirPrint could not search the Printer connected to VigorAP 810 when the
printer was in dormancy.
- 2 -
Improved: Improve the stability for wireless connection via WPA2/802.1x wireless
security mode.
Improved: Support Auto Channel Filtered Out List (Wireless LAN>>Advanced Settings
and Wireless LAN>>General Setup). The selected wireless channels will be discarded if
Auto is selected as Channel selection mode.
Improved: Value for Key Renewal Interval is configured as “3600” in default for all
Improved: Add an option to enable / disable Telnet server.
Improved: The default bandwidth channel for 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless LAN is changed
into Auto 20/40 MHz.
Improved: Move some settings (e.g., MAC Clone, Tx Power) from Wireless
LAN>>General Setup to Wireless LAN>>Advanced Setting.
Corrected: Fix the problem running IGMP stream via Wi-Fi.
Corrected: AirPlay could not work when VigorAP was set in Universal Repeater mode.
Corrected: In Wireless LAN(2.4G)>>General Setup, the Extension Channel option for
channel width 40MHz would disappear if 20MHz was selected before 40MHz.
Corrected: LEDs displayed error due to the activation of schedule settings.
Corrected: Error occurred while executing speed test.
Corrected: Schedule did not work based on customer's configuration (when the user
changed the value of administration account).
Corrected: The web user interface of VigorAP would be fully invalid and unable to be
accessed into if more than 7 user profiles created in RADIUS Setting>>RADIUS
Corrected: Unable to apply the default untagged VLAN value of "0" to an SSID of
VigorAP by using VigorACS.
Corrected: Unexpected error occurred when “&” sign was used in Central Management
>>AP >> WLAN Profile.
Known Issue


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